The Oaktree Farm Foundation Services (TOFFS)

Charity number: 1163592

TOFFS is a charity that was established with the aim of providing adults with learning disabilities, autism, or challenging behaviors the opportunity to engage in fulfilling activities and experiences within our community.

TOFFS believes that every individual, regardless of their abilities, should have the chance to participate in meaningful and enjoyable activities within their community. The charity understands the barriers that individuals with learning disabilities, autism, or challenging behaviors may face and works tirelessly to create inclusive opportunities for them to participate in.

Working in partnership with TOFFS, Oaktree Farm Care is able to provide services that directly benifit our customers.

Fundraising Projects

Magic Carpet Fundraising Project - Succesful

After discussions with the experts at Sensory Guru ( ) we decided on a magic mirror instead of the magic carpet as we believe the interactions gained from this equipment will be better suited to our customer group. This piece of equipment will be a valuable tool for the entertainment and learning of our customers.

Outdoor Gym Equipment - Succesful

We have successfully raised enough money to be able to get some outdoor, all weather play and exercise equipment.

Upcoming Projects


If you would like to donate anything to the charity please contact us by email: or call us on 01403 732230.