Day Service


One of the leading, independent Day Service providers in West Sussex for Young People and Adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism. 
Our mission is to enable people with learning disabilities to meet their full potential. 

"Our son really looks forward to all the activities at Oaktree Farm and is always ready in the mornings waiting for the doorbell to ring. Thank you to all the staff. You are all truly amazing and support all the young adults in your care, as well as the families" - The Blatcher Family

At Oaktree Farm Care we aim to engage our customers in purposeful activities, broaden their horizons and encompass a diversity of experiences.
Positive development though our dashboard program of practical skills is recognised to play a vital role in offering our customers the opportunity to develop essential life skills. Our aim is to enable them to develop lifelong skills that will progress with them through supported living, supported employment or the volunteering sector. 
We encourage the involvement of families and carers in the planning and evaluation of the service we provide to help create a collaborative and supportive environment.

Who Do We Provide For?

The service we provide is adapted and modified to ensure we are meeting the needs of each individual. To ensure we are providing support that meets the needs and wants of our customers we offer tiered levels of support: 

  • 1:1
  • 1:2
  • 1:3
  • 1:6
  • 2:1

This allows our customers to ensure they are supported in a safe manner that allows them to flourish as individuals! 

"We are very happy our son has settled in very well; he is happy too and looks forward to being picked up and coming in. The farm is a safe and secure environment and is completely suited to meet his needs and encourage more self-confidence. The range of activities provided means that there is something which he can benefit from every day."
- Mr & Mrs Goldthorpe

Our New Dashboard Program For 2024

Cooking Skills

Transportation Skills

Digital Skills

Money Management

RDA Horse Therapy

Social Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Food Hygiene

Mini Enterprise
(Tuck Shop)


Pastry Chef Course

Cycle Maintenance

Countryside Managment
Onsite Farm & Agriculture

Car Maintenance

Onsite Projects


Pasture & Grazing
for Animals Course

Health & Wellbeing

Farm Safety


Film Making

Problem Solving

Dressage Braiding

First Aid

Health & Safety


Master Baker Course

Communication Skills