Duke Of Edinburgh

"Youth Without Limits!"

Here at Oaktree Farm Care we are proud to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to take part in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award  Bronze, Silver and Gold!

The Duke of Edinburgh Award gives young people the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop as individuals!

The award is made up of four key sections:

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Doing something meaningful, motivated by making a difference rather than money!

1. Volunteering

Anything that requires a sustained level of energy or physical activity.

2. Physical

Broadening your understanding and increasing your expertise in a chosen skill.

3. Skills

Plan, train for and complete an expedition with an agreed aim.

4. Expeditions

5. Residential
(for Gold award only)

Undertake a shared activity within a residential setting away from home.

The Benefits

  1. 1. Increased confidence and self esteem 
  2. 2. Skills development
  3. 3. Improved social skills
  4. 4. Structured learning
  5. 5. Enhances problem solving abilities 
  6. 6. Emphasis on individual abilities 
  7. 7. Physical well being
  8. 8. Sense of achievement
  9. 9. Inclusion and acceptance
  10. 10. Recognition and accreditation 
  11. 11. Supported learning environment
  12. 12. Empowerment
  13. 13. Preparation for independent living 
  14. 14. Positive impact on mental health

Some of our current participants!